Reid Temple Christian AcademyWe believe in all their dreams...and they dream BIG

RTCA Middle School

Preparing our Students for Higher Education and Responsible Citizenship

The Academy realizes that as we touch the life of each student, we will make a positive difference in the world. We prepare our students for the world by requiring them to take a greater role in their education to help them become responsible, cooperative, and disciplined individuals. You will feel the spirit of the Academy echoing in everyone that you meet, in every square foot of our building and in everything that we do. Our spirit is a spirit of excellence, empowerment, and empathy.


The Academy's Middle School environment encourages both academic and social learning to prepare students for higher education and responsible citizenship. We are committed to the highest standards of education, using the most advanced tools of our day. Our academic program helps our students develop into problem-solvers, decision makers and effective communicators.


Our planned curriculum is integrated and transdisciplinary with a heavy focus on mathematics, science and technology. Students are given various opportunities to explore common themes across disciplines in a real world contest. We offer a planned curriculum that is a living document empowering students to help chart their learning path. Each student received a Mac Notebook for their entire tenure at The Academy.


We encourage our students to engage in continual self-evaluation and reflection to equip them for life, service to God and commitment to their fellow man. We help our students strive to be the best, believe the best and see the best in others. Our students are given an elite education that includes social responsibility to help the least, the lost, and the forgotten through local, national, and international mission projects and community service.

Who will teach my child?

  • All of our faculty and staff have professed Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
  • 100% of our teaching staff will have bachelor degrees and 40% have advanced degrees
  • Good understanding of how to effectively integrate technology into instruction
  • We provide continual professional development for our faculty and staff.