We place a premium on a student's character as part of our application process.

Character Centered Acceptance (CCA) is the core in which all admissions decisions are made at Reid Temple Christian Academy. Families that agree with these ideas will be considered for admittance.


The academy seeks to honor God in our endeavors of learning, our interaction with one another and our witness of Christ to believers and unbelievers. We respect one another in all aspects of our relationships, including our speech and our treatment of every person.

Educational Rigor

The academy is committed to the highest standards of education, using the most advanced tools of our day. We provide rigorous curricula to build a firm learning foundation to open all future educational doors our students may desire to walk through. We are searching for families willing to partner along our student’s educational journey.


The academy teaches our students to love one another as we love ourselves. We strive to be our best, believe the best and see the best in others. We use our tongues to glorify God and lift one another by speaking truth with love. We deal truly and cherish the uniqueness of others. We honor God. We honor ourselves. We honor one another.

Global Responsibility

The academy seeks to make our world a better place by making positive contributions that build faith, family and community. We stand for justice, equity and truth, with the Word of God being the basis for all that we believe, say and do. Families must be willing to join Reid Temple Christian Academy’s commitment to our community through upholding our mission, participating in our programs, and understanding the commitment to education is fostered by the students, teachers, administration and parents.