At RTCA we believe in rigor, not rigidity. That describes a curriculum taught one grade level ahead that is designed to challenge young minds, but expects and encourages students to learn through failure and success.

Advanced Academics

From day one, we've always insisted that our classes be taught one grade level ahead. That's because we believe our students will always rise to the challenges we place before them, and consistently they have. We know our students are able to achieve because we watch them do it every day. And that's also why we designed our curriculum to include so much - from communications to STEM to humanities. It's because we know if we can believe it, they can achieve it.

C-STEM Focus

A C-STEM focus means that our goal is students who are good communicators as well as critical thinkers. Although communications is not an official part of our curriculum until middle school at the start of Junior Toastmasters, both communication and STEM are incorporated into our school activities from the youngest age.

As early as preschool, students are learning to lead their classmates in prayer -- aloud and in front of the class, sometimes in front of multiple classes. And its not long before those inquisitive minds get their hands on technology that helps them learn to code.

Design and Discovery, an RTCA signature program, allows the entire school quarterly to dive into engineering, problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking. At RTCA, there are so many ways communications and technology into sharp focus.

Chinese Language Immersion

Mandarin immersion is one of the most unique offerings at RTCA. Now in its eighth year, the Mandarin program continues to attract parents around the region who are interested in having their children acquire a challenging and unique language.

Students gain a breath of knowledge from both the cultural and language aspects of the program. And upper school students are able to cap their lifetime of study with a missions trip to China.