Global Citizenry

Today's children will be the leaders of tomorrow, and at RTCA, we understand the competition is not the school next door, it's the one on the other side of the world. So we are deliberate at RTCA in exposing our children to the culture and customs of other countries, as we strive to make sure they're ready for the world they will face.

Know the World

Global citizenry is the goal for all our students, so each one is exposed to and learns about the world in a variety of ways. The GEM program introduces even our youngest students to the opportunity to understand the world, and appreciate the differences therein.

See the World

We expect our students not only to learn about the world, but to participate in it. That's why each year in the middle school, RTCA offers a 10-day international missions trip, giving our students a chance to see the world, and to serve.