Upper School Sports

Upper school students are ready for the fun and excitement of competitive sports. RTCA offers a number of sports programs. Starting in 6th grade, upper school after school sports programs are coeducational.




Soccer for grades 6-8 is part of the middle school division. Practice begins in August and students will practice multiple times per week and have weekly games before the program concludes in October.

The 2017 Conquerors finished the regular season with a (2-1-2) record and won the GMCAC Middle School Division Championship going (2-0) in the playoffs.



One of our most popular sports, middle school basketball is a big draw. Basketball tryouts start in October and the season runs November through March.

Basketball at RTCA started in 2013, and we can't wait to see what this season brings!


Co-ed cheer matches the RTCA basketball team. An exciting program, the cheerleaders attend and perform at all basketball games. The squad has been growing in the last few years. Upper school cheer season is November through March.


Flag Football

Just as the spring sports wrap up, flag football (8x8) is heating up. Our co-ed flag football team runs March through May. The conquerors team began in 2013, and have won second

place two of the last three years.

Track and Field

Our track and field team competes in the GMCAC Track & Field Championship and at USA Track & Field (USATF) sanctioned events throughout the DC-Metropolitan region. Competitions run March through May.


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