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Reid Temple Christian Academy (RTCA) is a college preparatory, co-educational day school offering a Christ-centered education with emphasis in communications, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (C-STEM). RTCA serves approximately 300 students in Pre-K 2 through grade 8.

Located in Glenn Dale, MD and serving students and families in Prince George's County, Washington, DC and neighboring communities, RTCA equips students to be critical thinkers and global citizens able to impact the world.

Our 16:1 student-to-teacher ratio allows our teachers and students to focus on very specific educational paths that move from basic skill-teaching to more advanced, conceptual learning. It’s our belief that we must teach for understanding of each concept and skill, and not simply “teach to the test.”

A registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization sponsored and supported, in part, by the Reid Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church, RTCA is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

History, Vision and Philosophy

Our History

Since 2005, Reid Temple Christian Academy has been preparing our students to develop a thirst and enjoyment for knowledge, to have a desire to effect change locally and globally, and to succeed in marking their place in our ever-changing society. We want our students to soar academically, socially, and, yes, spiritually.

Our campus is located within Reid Temple AME Church Glenn Dale's 32-acre site, which houses a modern, technology-rich educational wing. In this environment, our commitment to providing a holistic Christian education which ministers to the mind, body and spirit of each child is reinforced.

Vision and Philosophy

Our vision is to develop global Christian citizens who are equipped to positively impact the world through excellence in communication, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (C-STEM).

Our teachers and staff have created a community of learners where everyone participates in the answering process, critical thinking, collaboration, and analysis. This process creates effective group-learning dynamics and individual expression. We are excited about having your student grow with Reid Temple Christian Academy, as our teachers, staff, and administration form lasting relationships with you and your family.

A strong educational foundation lasts a lifetime, and is the primary building block to developing youth who are curious about their world, engaged in their environment and prepared for their futures. Critical to building this foundation is a set of core values developed within our community.

Core Values


RTCA students and staff seek to honor God in our endeavors of learning, our interaction with one another and our witness of Christ to believers and unbelievers. We respect one another in all aspects of our relationships, including our speech and our treatment of every person.


Educational Rigor
RTCA is committed to the highest standards of education, using the most advanced tools of our day. We provide rigorous curricula to build a firm learning foundation to open all future educational doors our students may desire to walk through.


RTCA teaches our students to love one another as we love ourselves. We strive to be our best, believe the best and see the best in others. We use our tongues to glorify God and lift one another by speaking truth with love. We deal truly and cherish the uniqueness of others. We honor God. We honor ourselves. We honor one another.


Global Responsibility
RTCA seeks to make our world a better place by making positive contributions that build faith, family and community. We stand for justice, equity and truth, with the Word of God being the basis for all that we believe, say and do.

Bethlehem Pre-School

RTCA Lower School

RTCA Upper School

Welcome to RTCA

Imagine a place where science and technology meet faith and community to minister to your whole child -- inquisitive mind, able body and godly spirit. Reid Temple AME Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington welcomes you Reid Temple Christian Academy. Head of School Dr. Donnette Echols offers her perspective on what makes our school unique.

Why we teach

RTCA equips students to be critical thinkers and global citizens able to impact the world.

It’s our belief that we must teach for understanding of each concept, not the test.

At a Glance

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RTCA is commited to continuous improvement in student learning, and has earned accreditation from two leading educational associations.

Meet the Staff

Our staff is the heart and soul of RTCA excellence. Meet some of the finest educators in the world.