Explore Reid Temple Christian Academy

You can sense it from the moment you walk into our school: This is not an ordinary place. The sounds of Mandarin drift into the hallway on the right. The hum of robots come from the left. And around the corner, the aroma of jerk chicken beckons you to lunch.

Explore our school and you'll see kids who are eager to help one another and teachers who are compassionate. Most of all, you'll find the unique expressions and cultural vibrance of a passionate student body.

We invite you to explore what student life is like at RTCA, and some of the things that make our school unique. Want to learn even more? Check out our school counseling, clubs and activities and summer camp offerings.

Catch A Glimpse

Solid Learning Foundation

We don't wiaver on what matters most. We keep our classes challenging and collaborative.

Small Class Sizes

A 16:1 student-teacher ratio maximizes opportunities for student engagement and collaborative learning. Throughout our school, you'll find daily small-group discussion and instruction, lively guided discourse, and peer collaboration -- all hallmarks of our academic program.

Advanced Academics

All classes at RTCA are taught one grade level ahead. To make the most of our learning environment, we provide personal learning plans (PLP’s) in core subjects of math and English language arts for each student. The plans are adapted from their weekly, end-of-year assessments, and classroom work products. Each PLP includes an evaluation of the student's present progress and their goal for the academic quarter. Their quarter goal includes action steps the classroom teacher will manage in class along with target home activities for parents and guardians.


A focus on science, technology, engineering and math are infused throughout the curriculum all year long with programs like these.

Enhanced Science

At RTCA science classes are accompanied by science lab, providing students with hands-on opportunities to practice the scientific method and dive deeply into the subject matter. Over the course of the year, RTCA students get twice as much time in science as required by state guidelines.


Everyone talks technology, but not everyone does it. Not only are students surrounded by technology at school, RTCA also incorporates tech such as robotics and aviation into the curriculum. Starting in lower school, every grade offers a technology class teaching skills like coding and game design.

Design and Discovery

Design and Discovery is our signature, school-wide program to present students with the opportunity to understand the challenges and processes of engineering. Each quarter, the entire school takes on challenges at an age-appropriate level that engages students with hands-on activities and the real-life challenges involved in designing a product or engineering a solution to a problem.


Most schools have science fairs, but with all that we teach, we don't limit our fair to only science. Our annual STEM fair gives students the opportunity to do what they've learned through all of the integrated STEM programming available at RTCA. Students at every level show their skills, and each year we are blown away!

Solid Bible Foundation

As a private Christian school, RTCA is committed to providing a holistic Christian education through the development of Biblically-based values, promotion of intellectual curiosity, and reinforcement of cultural awareness and social responsibility.

Students engage in self-evaluation and reflection to equip them for life, service to God and commitment to their fellow man. An instructional chapel for the entire school that meets three times each week, grade-level religion classes, and Bible integration in all subject matters form a solid foundation for our students.

Sumptuous Meals

Lunchtime is a great time at RTCA. As a small private school, we skip the large school vendors and instead contract with Jamaican caterer who provides meals that are delicious, healthy and culturally expansive. You won't find a menu like ours anywhere.

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