Clubs and Activities

Friday is activity day. Each Friday, students in the aftercare program participate in their choice of activities, each of which are offered in eight-week sessions. (First quarter is seven weeks).

Registration for aftercare activities has begun. Costs for aftercare programming are collected by ULTRACAMP during enrollment. Call the school office or email any questions.

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For the 2018-19 school year, students can choose from the following exciting activities:

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Beyond the Basics Basketball

For 3 and 4 year olds: Each class will last 30 minutes. Each session will focus on introducing a fundamental skill of basketball. The goal for younger students is to introduce the game of basketball by focusing on the developmental needs of students and teaching them the fundamentals of the game. This is an excellent way to build social skills and promoting teamwork with peers.

For those 5 years old and older: Each class will last 40-50 minutes. Each session, students will be given a character word that coincides with the basketball skills of focus for the day. Each of the basketball skills and character words will build on each other over the duration of the program and on the last day of the session each student should be able to demonstrate understanding of each basketball skill and character word.

Minimum: There is a 10 student minimum for this program.

Age group: Three years old and up.

Price: $70 per student (8 week session)

Cheer Madness

Pommies Pk 3 - Grade 2

Play team building games, learn exercises to improve flexibility, learn cheers and chants, play games to improve balance, dance to fun music and learn routines, learn beginner cheerleading and proper safety techniques, learn beginner gymnastics exercises play games to build confidence, and receive tips on how to eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet.

Signature Poms Grade 3-8

Learn conditioning exercises to improve their jumps, motions, cheers and dances, jog and learn new ways to build endurance and stamina, exercise to improve flexibility and strength, learn beginner stunting techniques and safety regulations, receive tips on how to eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet. Work on new cheers and chants each week, learn cheerleading and dance routines.

Minimum: There is a four student minimum to have a program run.

Age group: 3 years old and up.

Price: $140 per student (8 week session)

Martial Arts for Preschoolers

Martial Arts for Preschoolers will reinforce core values of attitude, respect, work habits, self-confidence and discipline and develop balance, flexibility and strength while learning martial arts.

Minimum: There is an eight student minimum for this program.

Age group: 4 years old and up

Price: $100 per student (8 week session)

Stitched with Style

Stitched with Style offers a creative learning experience for the student who is interested in fashion and design. Stitched with Style will assist students in producing items that display the core fundamentals of sewing. They'll develop a variety of products such as cross body bags with buttonhole closures, skirts, pants, shirts, and fashion accessories. Students also learn technical skills involving working with mannequins, tailoring, textiles and pattern making.

Minimum: There is a five student minimum and a 12 student maximum for this program.

Age group: Grades 2-8

Price: $190 per student (8 week session)

Suzuki Violin


The Suzuki Violin Program offers in-school individual and group instruction to students from grades K-8 with levels varying from beginners to advanced, ultimately growing from a violin ensemble to a full string orchestra with viola, cello and bass. Objectives: To foster a life-long love and appreciation for classical music and fine arts from early childhood; to develop a prestigious string program that provides a positive outlet for self-expression and creativity; to shape talented and passionate musicians that will use their talents to shine light into the world.

Minimum: There is a five student minimum for this program.

Age group: K - Grade 8

Price: $250 per student (eight week session)*.

*First 10 students get $20 discount - only $230 for the session.