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Aftercare Program

We know the daily duties of parenting are tough, that's why we do the heavy lifting for you. RTCA provides aftercare services from 4pm - 6pm for a yearly fee. On Fridays, every aftercare student enjoys fun activities such as basketball, dance, Yoga, STEM with Mr. Dais, Wacky Science, movies, and more without additional cost. Students are also provided with daily snacks.

The RTCA aftercare program is our school's way of investing in your family time at home, by providing scholastic support services just when its needed -- during homework time.

As part of our programs, Monday through Thursday our staff of friendly teachers are available during our aftercare program to provide that extra support and assist students when needed.

The extra time with classroom instructors is not only a bonus for students academically, it also allows students to develop the self-advocacy skills needed later in life.

Every aftercare student participates in an environment where students are expected to ask questions, seek advice, get engaged in the subject matter and help each other to learn and grow.

And when all that takes place at school, students and parents can spend more time focused on family when they're at home.

Ms. Pamela Waters is the Aftercare Coordinator and can be reached at 301-704-1777 or for assistance.