Lower School: Kindergarten - Grade 5

The RTCA lower school serves kindergarten through fifth grade providing each student an opportunity for hands-on STEM experience and global readiness. Students are immersed in a challenging, fun, loving and nurturing environment as we provide rigorous curriculum to build a firm knowledge base.

We seek to enhance the academic and artistic interest of all our students and build upon their natural abilities and talents. Our students enjoy challenging academic courses as well as courses in Mandarin, Spanish, music, art, physical education and technology. Students who matriculate through our lower school are prepared for whichever future educational doors they desire to walk through.


Students come to RTCA equipped with reading, vocabulary and math skills. In the lower school, we work on further developing those skills through classroom instruction fused with STEM readiness and global awareness.

Our goal is to develop life-long learners. We seek to build upon their natural abilities and talent, and enhance their academic and artistic interests.

How We Teach

What We Teach

At RTCA we offer a wide assortment of classes designed to uniquely develop each student. See our lower school curriculum guide for a full description of courses.


Our Village

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Students gave the welcome in Mandarin, Spanish and English, and later performed on the Indonesian Angklung.