Bethlehem Preschool

Promoting the Best in Learners Pre-K 2 through Pre-K 4

The Bethlehem preschool classroom promotes the best in young learners and provides a nurturing, Christ-centered learning environment for Pre-K 2 thru Pre-K 4.

We understand that all students do not come equally prepared for a school setting, but we believe in the limitless capabilities of our students. By addressing the emotional and developmental needs of our youngest learners, we establish a solid foundation for learning and understanding.

Our preschoolers are immersed into our community of learners through the freedom to learn, play, and interact with others in their formative years, thus opening the doors to a lifelong passion for learning. Students practice self-reliance skills, friendship and sharing while learning.

Our students become proficient and self-confident learners as core competencies are developed and as we encourage opportunities for exploration, inquiry and questioning.

These are the tools we use to develop a framework for the life-long love of learning.


Our academic goals are reading and comprehension fluency and the mastery of mathematical conceptual foundations. These competencies allow them to become proficient and self-confident students.

We encourage our kids to discover, inquire and question, developing a framework for the life-long love of reading , writing, and math.

How We Teach

We nurture the inquisitive and imaginative nature of early childhood students and instill in them a love of learning, creating, questioning, and researching. Our school climate is a supportive learning community where even the youngest of our community are encouraged to actively participate in all aspects of their education, including decision making.

Creative and Dramatic Play

Our learning centers provide imaginary, creative and dramatic play.

  • Blocks and puzzles help develop spatial and critical thinking skills
  • Creative art and music teach songs and movement
  • A wealth of books creates a literacy-rich environment

God and Me

Families have entrusted us with the responsibility of being one of the first people to introduce God to our students, and we take the charge very seriously.

Our goal for each preschooler is to understand to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. This is the first and greatest commandment” (Matthew 22:37-38). RTCA’s religion curriculum is creatively designed to teach our preschool students “Who God Is” through these important principles in the Bible:

  • God made me.
  • God loves me.
  • God listens to me.
  • God protects me.

We can Learn Too!


Bethlehem Preschool teachers provide their students with opportunities to delve into their independence and self-awareness. Our students learn to help take care of some of their basic needs and are given the freedom to interact with aspects of their environment that peak their interest.

What We Teach

Pre K 2 -4 use the research-based programs World of Wonders, Everyday Math, and Bible: Purposeful Design as their framework for designing their instructional programs.

Global Citizens

Cultivating Global Christian Scholars

Our vision for each student is to develop global Christian citizens equipped to positively impact the world through excellence in C-STEM. So we begin at an early age to teach awareness of the world beyond our borders.

Classroom Consulates

RTCA has partnered with 12 embassies through our Global Embassy Mentors program to exchange culture and awareness for every child. Starting in preschool, each class studies a different country and is referred to as the “Consulate of ______”. Throughout the year, there are opportunities to visit with the embassy, explore the culture, and share what they’ve learned with their peers (PreK2 through Grade 1).

Foreign Languages

Every student studies a foreign language at Reid Temple Christian Academy. Students in PreK 2 through PreK 4 are offered introductory studies in both Mandarin (Chinese) and Spanish. By Kindergarten, parents choose between our Mandarin immersion program, or Spanish instruction taught by a native speaker.

School Life

Room parents collaborate with parents and teachers to develop fun, enriching and robust activities and events related to seasonal and major school events.

The Conqueror’s Way Pledge serves as reminder of the Christian and academic values we are instilling in our students.

Our preschoolers serve as chapel leaders in our daily chapel services and students participate in several annual programs:

  • The Bible Scripture Challenge
  • The Christmas Pageant
  • Black History Month
  • The Easter Pageant
  • Kindergarten Graduation


PreK 2 and PreK 3 students are enrolled in a year-round program and spend summer on campus. Beginning in PreK 4, students are enrolled in a traditional school year program from August to June.

Kaymbu Gallery

Our early learners do so many fun and exciting things throughout the day that are hard to put into words. We use Kaymbu to share these experiences through the magic of technology which share glimpses from the classroom as well as student work.

Preschool Calendar

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