Bethlehem Preschool

Promoting the Best in Learners Pre-K 2 through Pre-K 4

The Bethlehem preschool classroom promotes the best in young learners and provides a nurturing, Christ-centered learning environment for Pre-K 2 thru Pre-K 4.

We understand that all students do not come equally prepared for a school setting, but we believe in the limitless capabilities of our students. By addressing the emotional and developmental needs of our youngest learners, we establish a solid foundation for learning and understanding.

Our preschoolers are immersed into our community of learners through the freedom to learn, play, and interact with others in their formative years, thus opening the doors to a lifelong passion for learning. Students practice self-reliance skills, friendship and sharing while learning.

Our students become proficient and self-confident learners as core competencies are developed and as we encourage opportunities for exploration, inquiry and questioning.

These are the tools we use to develop a framework for the life-long love of learning.


Our academic goals are reading and comprehension fluency and the mastery of mathematical conceptual foundations. These competencies allow them to become proficient and self-confident students.

We encourage our kids to discover, inquire and question, developing a framework for the life-long love of reading , writing, and math.

How We Teach

We nurture the inquisitive and imaginative nature of early childhood students and instill in them a love of learning, creating, questioning, and researching. Our school climate is a supportive learning community where even the youngest of our community are encouraged to actively participate in all aspects of their education, including decision making.

What We Teach

Pre K 2 -4 use the research-based programs World of Wonders, Everyday Math, and Bible: Purposeful Design as their framework for designing their instructional programs.

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