Upper School 6-8

The RTCA upper school serves fifth through eighth grade, providing students with a higher level of rigor and responsibility.

Upper school students focus on developing the skills that will make them outstanding scholars in high school and college. In addition to curating strong writing skills through literature classes, the upper school has developed a humanities component, coordinating lessons in history, religion, art, music and language arts, so that students have a more complete understanding and context of the history and literature they are studying.

Technology also gets a boost with robotics and aviation entering the curriculum, providing more hands-on STEM experience.

Students who matriculate through our upper school are well-prepared to further their education in highly competitive schools in the region and throughout the nation.


Our goal in the upper school is to prepare students exceptionally for their oncoming college preparatory high school experience, whether the choose a local school or a boarding school. Our graduates have been honored to attend some of the finest schools in the nation based on their experience at RTCA.

How we teach

Rigor, not Rigid

Academic rigor at Reid Temple Christian Academy is essential to creating Christian global leaders.

Each one of our classes are taught one grade-level ahead, and every day our students meet the challenge.

A 16:1 student-to-teacher ratio maximizes opportunities for student engagement and collaborative learning. Our core class of reading, language arts, math and science are all 80-minutes, which allows for daily small-groups, intentional discourse, and peer collaboration.

But rigorous does not mean rigid. Our class structure and allows instructors the opportunity to personalize lessons to meet student needs.

Personal Plans

We provide personal learning plans (PLP's) in math and English language arts for each student. The plans are adapted from students' weekly assessments, end-of-year assessments and classroom work products.

Each PLP includes a student present progress and a quarter goal. Their quarter goal includes action-steps the classroom teacher will manage in class along with target home activities for students to perform.

STEM by Design

At Reid Temple Christian Academy, STEM is infused at every level, and the Upper School is no exception.

In addition to year-long technology classes that go far beyond the basics, all students in the Upper School participate quarterly in RTCA's signature Design and Discovery program -- a full-day adventure developed to introduce students to the engineering process that combines creativity, problem solving and lots of trial and error.

Students also get to demonstrate their skills in the annual STEM Fair, which infuses competition into their demonstration of comprehensive reasoning gained from their complex STEM classes.

What we teach

At RTCA we offer a wide assortment of classes designed to uniquely develop each student. See our lower school curriculum guide for a full description of courses.


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RTCA's graduating class of 2018 received more than $1.2 million in scholarships to matriculating schools.

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