Ways to Support

We truly appreciate your monetary donations, as they provide so much to our students. But you can support RTCA is several ways beyond fundraising.

Ask Your Employer

Many employers in the D.C. Metro area have programs that improve the impact of their employees' service to community. Check with your employer to see if any of the following programs are available to you.

Donation Matching

Many employers offer to match their employees monetary donation to the 501(c)3 of their choice. While churches often may not benefit from this type of programs, schools are welcome charities that employers will support

Paid Volunteering

When you donate your time at RTCA, you could get credit at work. Many paid volunteering programs encourage employees to spend a day volunteering without losing time or pay at the office. Contact your employer and see if you can add your volunteer hours to your time sheet.

Speakers Bureau

We are always looking for engaging leaders who can offer insight to our students -- especially if your employer is related to the STEM fields. Contact your human resources department to see if your employer has a speakers bureau for STEM-related fields, and see if you can't arrange for someone to speak to a class or lead a Design and Discovery program at RTCA!

Ask Your Friends

Do you work in the non-profit world and have knowledge of grants or other programs that could benefit RTCA? Are you aware of businesses or foundations that want to support children in STEM or education in Prince George's County? Or maybe a close friend or relative has connections that you don't.

We certainly don't know it all. Help us to make the connections we need to grow, and everyone benefits!