Global Embassy Mentors

In an increasingly global, technological economy, experts say, it isn’t enough to be academically strong. Young people must also be able to work comfortably with people from other cultures, solve problems creatively, write and speak well, think in a multidisciplinary way, and evaluate information critically. (Soft Skills in Demand, Education Week, June 12, 2007)

The Global Embassy Mentors (GEM) program provides students an opportunity to understand and learn the cultures of our global neighbors. A year-long program, GEM offers a deep dive into international communities by partnering each grade level with an embassy.

The program is designed to allow students to become immersed in the culture of their assigned country for a year through writing, speaking, using Skype, reading, visiting the embassy and comparing the current events.

The goal is to enhance cultural competency; increase cross-cultural language acquisition; and aid in student understanding of local and global communities.

International Day

Our annual International Day where the school is transformed to resemble at least 15 different countries. With mock passports in hand our students from Pre-Kindergarten 2 through grade 8 take a fantasy journey through each country to experience culture, food, music, dance and language of at least 15 different countries. International Day is day when we welcome our embassy partners to share culture with students and parents.