Exposing students to a second language at an early age aids in the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We developed our Spanish program to help instill these skills in our students, and to further expand their global knowledge and citizenry.

While the program is not immersive, students spend several days a week (depending on grade level) learning the foundations of the language, and they'll use the target language in the classroom up to 90 percent of the time.

Preschoolers start the Spanish journey with classes twice a week. Class times increase as students matriculate until 4th grade when class times are increased to four per week. Students in grades 5-8 have Spanish daily.

Students are admitted into the program at any grade and are enthusiastically welcomed to their Spanish journey. New students in upper school may be invited to attend a working booster lunch once a week to enhance their skills and bridge the gap with returning students. The lunchtime session is a time for students to seek clarification and gain reinforcement.

Students are exposed to Castilian and Latin American Spanish, taught by native speakers as well as second-language learners. The passion true to the Spanish culture comes to live in the classroom through conversation, music, dance and language, as well as cultural, comparisons. Students are consistently encouraged to express themselves independently and in collaboration with others. Reading, writing and speaking are developed in equal parts. Love, understanding and respect of the Spanish culture are at the core of our teachings.