Representative -

Ms. Terrell

NASA provides many great field trips, STEM contest, activities, opportunities, and more for our educators and students. Visit their website to learn more.

Patriot Technology Training Center (PTTC)

Representative - Thurman Jones

The Patriots Technology Training Center is a membership, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1997. It is now in its 25th year of operation and providing virtual opportunities for students in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV), New York City, and Detroit, MI in grades 5-12. Visit their website to learn more.

Duval High School

Representative - Christy McKenzie (AEAT Program)

The Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Technology program is a college and career preparatory program, offering areas of study in Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Technology. This program will prepare students for college and high-demand careers. Visit their website to learn more about the AEAT program and the school.