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Theater and The Arts

Reid Temple Christian Academy's theater program boasts an outstanding reputation for producing exceptional performances, cultivating some of the most talented actors in the region. The school's visual arts program is equally impressive, providing students with ample opportunities to explore their creativity and express themselves through various mediums. Also, the academy's orchestra is widely celebrated for its exceptional performances, having received much recognition and accolades. 

2023-2024 Fine Arts


The Fine Arts and Music Department is under the leadership of Mrs. Stacee Roy and Mr. Robert McIver, who have effectively elevated the standard for music, visual and creative arts. Through adept integration of dance, acting, world languages, engineering and vocals, the department has successfully showcased the remarkable talents and gifts of its scholars. The dynamic collaboration of these two leaders has resulted in a significant advancement in the department's operations, reflecting their deep commitment to excellence.

Teacher Appreciation Week Instagram Post
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A Christmas Story
December 2023

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A Journey Through History

February 2024

7 Last Words
March 2024

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