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Faculty Directory

One Band, One Sound

School Administration and Staff 

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Mrs. Taylor

Head of School

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Mrs. Thompson

HR Director


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Ms. Farmer

Office Administrative Assistant

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Mrs. Cann

Business Manager

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Ms. Butler

School Counsler

Bethlehem Preschool

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Mrs. Simpson-Brown

Pre-School K-2 

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Ms. Washington

Pre-School K-2 

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Mrs. Cheatham

Pre-School K-3

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Ms. Dais

Pre-School K-3

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Mrs. Savage

Pre-School K-4

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Ms. Moses

Pre-School K-4

Lower School

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Mrs. LaFluer


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Mrs. Hughes


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Mrs. Dennis

First Grade

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Mrs. Mallory

Second & Third Grade

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Mrs. Whitby

Second & Third Grade

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Ms. Hill

Fourth Grade

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Ms. Hasfal

Fifth Grade

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Mrs. Deloatch

Lower School
Science Lab and STEM

High School Prepatory (Middle School)

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Mr. Tesfamariam

Middle School Math & Religion

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Ms. Holloway

Middle School ELA, Writing
& Humanities

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Ms. Cruell

Middle School Science

World Languages

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Senora Zegarra

Lower School Spanish

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Mrs. Ho

Lower School Mandarin

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Senora Jack

Upper School Spanish

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Mrs. Du Huang

Upper School Mandarin


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Mr. Hill

Athletic Director

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Mrs. Roy

Vocal & Performing Arts

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Mr. Dais

Technology Coordinator

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Mr. McIver

Music & Band

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