Go Conquerors!

At Reid Temple Christian Academy, we are excited to provide new opportunities for our students to participate in extra-curricular activities that develop the physical, mental, and social skills of our student-athletes and help them understand the meaning of team.

The athletic philosophy of Reid Temple Christian Academy (RTCA) is consistent with the mission of the school and supports the overall program goal of helping each student to develop socially and athletically, while building strong moral character. Through team sports, RTCA seeks to inspire a life-long interest in healthy living, to develop an enthusiasm for working together to accomplish an objective, and to encourage self-discipline and responsibility.

The Conquerors compete in the Greater Metropolitan Christian Athletic Conference (GMCAC), an independent, not-for-profit association of Christian schools formed in 2007. Its general purpose is “to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, encouraging the development of proper values in athletic competition, rejecting the world’s system of values in favor of a regenerated view of life lived by scriptural principles.”

There are 15 member schools and membership is open to any Metropolitan Washington D.C. area Christian school whose goals; philosophy and structure are consistent with those of the Conference.


Students participating in sports must have approval from his/her pediatrician. Parents can download the physician form to have your pediatrician sign. RTCA must have a new physician form every school year in order for the student to participate in sports.

Parents must also sign a participation agreement, and parents and student athletes must also sign the commitment form at the end of the RTCA Athletic Handbook.